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Bogie Hearth Furance
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Bogie Hearth furnace is often used for heat treatment, it can be Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching and Hardening.


  • Range temperature : 


  • Temperature Uniformity : 

< 5℃

<4.5℃ in the effective heating hot zone.

  • Max uniform heating rate: 

10℃/min from 500 to 1000℃

  • Heating Element:

Heating elements shall be made of Ni-Cr resistance wire or equivalent(Preferable Kanthal A-L embedded heating elements) and shall be suitably arranged(Circular/Rectangular fashion all around the hot zone)to achieve a temperature uniformity of ±5℃ in the effective hot zone. The elements will be easily removable for servicing and maintenance.

  • Heat insulation: 

The heater shall be insulated with radiation shield made out of concentric metal shields(stainless steel etc).Heat insulation shall be securely fixed with the help of high alumina hardware. There are multi layer of radical, front, and rear shields provided to minimize the heat loss. The skin temperature of the furnace shall not exceed 30-40℃

  • Power: 

3phase, 380V, 50Hz. 

Controls and Instrumentation:

  • Digital Temperature Programmable Controller: Microprocessor based digital PID temperature controller of latest model with which work in conjunction with K-type thermocouple should be provided for measurement and control of the temperature in the furnace.

  • Over Temperature Controller: Over Temperature Controller could be provided to safe guard the furnace from over shoof of temperature from the set temperature.

  • PLC: PLC could be provided for aver all control of all furnace components, interlocking of all process parameters and temperature cycle.

  • Manual Mode of Operation: A manual mode of operation that bypasses microprocessor control and cnabic total manual mode could be provided.

  • Temperature measurement and control: Two additional thermocouple of K-type can be provided in the hot zone to monitor temperature measurements and control.

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